30/06/2015 - New Website & New Product Line

Welcome to the new TriSys Business Software website. The launch of the new site coincides with two major announcements:

TriSys 2015 Released - Our latest software version for recruitment agencies, comprising all the advanced features and functionality included in TriSys V10, as well as a gradually introduced range of new capabilities and the latest runtime enhancements for added performance. TriSys 2015 is a free of charge upgrade for all standard/default cloud hosted TriSys V8/V10 Customers (all cloud hosted Customers who have not had their current system customized beyond Skills/Templates/Actions). This upgrade is as simple as installing the latest version of TriSys and uninstalling the previous version (instructions will soon be provided to all TriSys Customers, who may also contact sales and support to clarify any questions as usual). Please note all Customers who have recently upgraded to TriSys V10 will be able to upgrade to TriSys 2015 free of charge.

TriSys APEX Released - APEX is a brand new CRM product specifically designed for start-ups or agencies looking for a low cost alternative to Microsoft Excel, in order to better manage recruitment processes, reduce overheads, improve productivity and grow their business more effectively. APEX also brings something special and exciting to all TriSys Customers: browser and mobile access. This will be gradually enabled for your TriSys installation and further information will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Key Note: TriSys APEX is not an upgrade to your current TriSys installation (the upgrade is actually TriSys 2015). Therefore APEX is a completely different product, however developed to benefit existing TriSys Customers by enabling browser and mobile access to your TriSys V8/V10/2015 database, with a view to increasing mobility, productivity and collaboration.

Please visit the TriSys Blog for more information on TriSys 2015 and TriSys APEX.


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